Seriously, don’t pull those covers back over your head. Get up. Put those shoes on, the Nikes you ordered because 2017 is going to be YOUR year.

Because change is gonna come, already. Stop obsessing over whether it’s raining or just misting or whether it might be a downpour any second…because what exactly will happen then?

You’ll get wet. And you won’t melt. And if you do melt, imagine that as a good thing. Because Lord knows you’ve got some chilly spots around your heart.

Drink the hot lemon water (because alkinalizing, right? Imagine the skin glow). Skip the bagel, make the protein shake, because whatever hunger is inside you right now won’t be satisfied by gluten. Trust me.

Take the dog, she’ll love you for it. Put on the headphones and the girl power playlist.

Look in wonder at the tree. The black branches against the grey of sky is the very definition of severity. That is what you are going for today. Severe, not mild. Be the tree. Just do it.

Remember this: it’s not about the bikini at the end. There is no before picture, no after picture, only the process of becoming in between. That is the important part. It’s about now. To-DAY.

Today the medicine is truth. If you don’t do this—if you don’t fill up on what truly nourishes your body and soul–you will be disappointed in yourself.

Let’s not let that happen, ok? Deal?